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Introducing the Wordsmithie Toolbox: Learn and Share Helpful Creative, Strategic, and Organizational Tips

Our founder and CEO Laura Bergheim started Wordsmithie ten years ago with a simple premise: that it shouldn’t be difficult to find seasoned copywriters, brand experts, and content strategists. While our mission still holds true, the world has changed since our founding in so many ways, with a massive evolution in the way we create and discover content, interface with brands, and—more recently—how and where we work. And with an avalanche of industry thinking arriving on our social media feeds and in our inboxes each day, we wanted to find a fun and clutter-free way to lend our expertise while giving you an opportunity to share your ideas, too.

Wordsmithies are a diverse lot, comprising experts who come from varied professional backgrounds and bring decades of experience to the table. We’re delighted to share our team’s collective learning with you in the form of actionable tidbits that help you be a stronger writer, editor, or designer, sharpen your content strategy chops, or just get things done.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Toolbox tips on our website or on your favorite social channels since we’ll continue to add more. And if you have helpful nuggets of your own you’d like to share with the world, we’d love to know—we are all about working smarter, together (and if we use your tip, we’ll be sure to give you the credit you deserve).

Go ahead — Open the Wordsmithie Toolbox now!


What's better than experience and advice from one of our talented Wordsmithie bloggers? Experience and advice from many talented Wordsmithie bloggers! We've banded together to jam on a topic and wish you happy reading.