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Make it Personal

Virtually every tech business posts stories about their customers’ wins with their products or services. Call them case studies, customer successes, or use cases, these pieces follow a standard pattern: […]

writing case studies always requires asking the right questions, in the best and clearest way possible.

Key Questions to Ask in a Case Study Interview

Case studies are a great way to show how your business helps customers solve problems in the real world. A well-written case study uses lively quotes, interesting examples, and juicy […]

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How to Ask Case Study Interview Questions

“Sure, sure. But why should I believe you?” This is the perfectly fair question that marketing and advertising professionals dread from customers. Because it’s a very good one! Why should […]

Financial Firms Still Need Good Copy

Not long ago I sat down in a meeting with a global bank and could see that many junior and mid-level staff were skeptical about the need for my services. […]