Meet The Team

Here’s a sampling of the talents we’re proud to call colleagues in our grand adventure:

Laura Bergheim

Founder & CEO

Michael Gaylord

Chief Creative Officer

David Bergheim

Chief Strategy Officer

Alex Kenin

Studio Chief

Marlene Tam

Design Director

Stephen Kent

Managing Editor

Khaleelah Jones

SEO and Social Media Lead

Heidi J. LaFleche

Senior Writer

Jennie Cohen

Senior Writer

Lisbeth Kaiser

Senior Writer

Beth Silver

Senior Copy Editor

Jason Rogers


Alix Clyburn

Senior Editor & Writer

Sammie Sachs

Senior Writer

Eve Connell

Senior E-learning Specialist

Jaime Santillan

Senior Designer

Ryan Bahrke


Nafeesa Sabor

Senior Copywriter

Meghan Goder

Senior Copy Editor

James Scott

Senior Copywriter