Benefits of Providing Online Training for Your Team

These days, you can find online classes for just about any topic imaginable. Photography. Food styling. Knitting. Programming. Gender roles in ancient societies. Small press publishing. Ukulele. You name it. Even if you can’t decide upon the coolest class to take (in all that free time you have), you might decide to move your work teams or clients forward with an online training experience.

There’s a host of terrific reasons to consider engaging your teams online. Maybe your people need to be kept up to date on industry standards. Perhaps there’s a new cohort to onboard. Your employees might need to be current in new techniques and practices so they can excel. And then there’s all those industry regulations, compliance issues and other HR-related policies that need to be disseminated.

What better way than to transfer all that information online, and engage teams in the process?

Online: Better Than Live?

When weighing the benefits of online training experiences to in-house, live, real-time sessions, consider these factors in favor of learning online:

• provide 24/7 access to new, critical information
• your team can engage in more creatively inspired, collaborative opportunities and activities
• save money on event and space fees
• new and alternative ways to evaluate people and progress

And more!

Learning Workers = The New Knowledge Workers

Telecommuters and knowledge workers respond well to online training experiences. Since a huge slice of today’s workforce work remotely, including the Wordsmithie team, it’s smart to connect with skilled, talented workers in this way. That’s especially true as more and more workers begin working from home, or remotely. And, online environments can be effective modes of learning for various groups of people across all kinds of professions, not just those of us working at home.

With a savvy, interactive online learning platform, you’ll meet needs while making a good investment in both your people and tools. With an online learning system in place, you’ll provide access to new ways of thinking, creating and doing tasks. Your teams can work more effectively across time zones, and with language support if you’ve got a worldwide presence, too.

(ProTip: Be sure your online learning program incorporates familiar tools like basic documents, slide decks, videos and other media, and is accessible via different devices.)

Think of the possibilities!

Eve Connell

Eve spends most billable hours writing, editing and helping professionals of all stripes with communication skills and leadership development. With degrees in French literature, philosophy, and linguistics, she also enjoys helping businesses and entrepreneurs develop their brands. Fancying herself a successful worm rancher, singer and flower arranger, Eve also lends her talent and expertise to several non-profit arts and educational organizations.

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