Kicking Off 2024 and Looking Back at 2023

With 2023 barely in the rearview mirror, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past year amid my hopes for the new one. 

As a business, Wordsmithie weathered storms galore last year: We learned to “dance with the monster” of AI (instead of running, screaming, from it); our hearts broke for our clients and friends who were laid off at Google and other brands; and our bottom line needed some adjusting as client budgets were cut or frozen. But all of those headwinds made us stronger as we took a hard look at how we work and what we offer, along with our organizational structure and client base. 

We also had some big wins last year — including earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies for the second year in a row, building and growing offerings in both AI training and marketing, and expanding our team with new clients and talent that are poised to take us in new directions as we dive into 2024. Plus, our annual leadership summit in Santa Cruz was our best ever, with our team collaborating and brainstorming innovative ways to evolve and expand.

I’m deeply grateful to our fantastic team and clients who have helped us keep the beat and keep it strong this past year.

As we head into 2024 (our 14th year in business), we’re firing on all proverbial cylinders. We’re launching an AI newsletter led by our AI guru Jason Rogers, and expanding our executive communications and UX (writing and design) teams. And we’re headed to the annual WBENC woman-owned business conference in March, ready to shine as we land new clients and meet new friends and partners. 

So, that’s the business side of things. But we all know that 2024 is shaping up to be a no-holds-barred year in many ways — one in which our polarization could reach new heights with democracy itself on U.S. election ballots. One in which rising global conflicts are endangering millions of people and the stability of entire regions. One in which COVID continues to be a major cause of illness and death in the U.S. and abroad. And one in which our struggling planet will continue to remind us that climate change is our greatest existential threat. 

That’s why, as we head into 2024, I’m praying for us all. Because a company is a lovely thing to run (and I love running it), but far bigger issues are at stake this year. 

I ask everyone reading this to take a few moments every day to do even one small thing that can make a difference. We call these “snaction items” — snackable actions that can foster big changes. Here are some simple snaction items to try: 

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about an issue you support
  • Reach out to your local election board to volunteer at the polls
  • Call a friend that you’ve lost touch with to make sure they’re OK
  • Schedule a COVID booster if you haven’t had one in six months or longer
  • Organize a group chat with neighbors to foster connection and make it easier to communicate 
  • Put the phone down and take a walk to quiet your mind and breathe fresh air 
  • Smile at a stranger you pass on the street – you never know how a random act of kindness can make someone’s day
  • Make sure your friends and neighbors are registered to vote, and give someone a ride to the polls
  • Walk a dog or pet a cat at your local pet shelter
  • Walk a little more, drive a little less
  • Listen more and talk less as you aim for common ground with others

This is a year when everything can (and will) change. Let’s all do what we can to ensure that change is for the better, for everyone. And at Wordsmithie, we’ll keep doing what we love with our team and clients in the “Wordsmithie way” that always champions the greater good. 

Happy New Year. Let’s make it a great one for all the right reasons.

Laura Bergheim

The founder and CEO of Wordsmithie, Laura has more than two decades of experience as a journalist, author, content creator, agency owner and creative strategist. She founded Wordsmithie in 2010 after leaving Google, where she was a senior content strategist and senior editor for monetized products such as AdWords.

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